Determine your ring size

Use a ring that you already have in your possession and that fits your finger, and most importantly, that you wear often. You can use this ring to find your size, by following these steps:

1. Place the ring on a flat surface.
2. Measure (in mm) the diameter of the inside of the ring (from one inner edge to the other).
3. Refer to the table below (DIAMETER column) to determine your size.

Tip: Use a flat ruler for a more accurate measurement.


If you don’t have a ring in your possession, you can measure your finger by following these steps:

1. Wrap a piece of non-stretchable ribbon around your finger where you want to wear the ring.
2. Make sure the ribbon is tightened the same way a ring would be.
3. Mark where the ribbon meets.
4. Place the ribbon on a flat surface and measure this distance on a ruler (in mm). This distance represents the size of your finger.
5. Refer to the table below (CIRCONFERENCE column) to determine your size.

Tip: If you don’t have non-stretchable ribbon in your possession, use a strip of paper that is about 1-centimetre wide.

Rings size chart

• If the diameter of the ring is between two sizes, it is recommended to take the larger size.
• The circumference of the fingers varies according to the time of day. You should always measure your fingers at the end of the day, when they are at their biggest.
• Your fingers tend to shrink by almost one size in the cold.
• Water retention: Alcohol and salt can cause swelling in the fingers.