The brand
Unique, the highly glamorous jewelry of Canadian designer Andréanne Patry is designed for the modern woman with a bright personality and a confident attitude. Our mission is to create distinctive pieces that will bring joy and color into the lives of women of all ages and all contexts. Made with the highest quality materials, including Swarovski crystals and 316L stainless steel (a hypoallergenic and durable metal that will never tarnish), every piece of jewelry has to enhance everyday life, adding sparkle to a casual outfit or character to an evening dress.

Every piece is lovingly designed in the heart of Quebec City and manufactured in China. The use of stainless steel – an extremely difficult material to work with – makes local production impossible. Due to the lack of skilled workers, knowledge, and machinery, crafting such refined pieces requires outsourcing. As a result, we have partnered with a team based in Asia who are recognized as pioneers in the field and are highly meticulous in their work.

Andréanne Patry

The designer
Andréanne Patry is a dynamic entrepreneur and a passionate designer. Longing to exploit her creative passion, she studied graphic design before starting a career as a graphic designer. Thereafter, she studied business management before starting her own company. She quickly realized however that being a graphic designer didn’t fulfill her artistic and entrepreneurial instinct.

A lover of sparkle, she noticed a lack of long-lasting, chic, and affordable accessories on the market that she decides to launch of her first line of jewelry, which would be known as AP Bijoux, in 2010. This collection of timeless pieces made with sterling silver, Swarovski crystals and semi-precious stones would go on to be featured in several Quebec magazines such as Le Lundi, Summum and Loulou.

After a few years of absence to fine-tune her brand, study stainless steel and come up with a style of her own, AP Bijoux becomes Bijoux Andréanne Patry in 2019. The adventure continues with originality and elegance.